Things You Need To Know About Staying in Casino Hotels

Casino hotels are luxury hotels and resorts owned or attached to a casino, and with central locations, access to a range of entertainment and cheap rates, this is an excellent idea for accommodation, even if you have the intention of gambling. However, when it comes to staying at a casino, there are a few things to be kept in mind because this is not the average hotel.

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The Tightest Security Ever at a Hotel

One of the main concerns these days regarding hotels is security, so one of the most fantastic things about casino hotels is that security is exceptionally tight-knit. Casinos generally have the tightest security of any hotel. Several casinos employ independent security to protect their gaming licenses, and some might even have a police presence. Even the slightest suspicious or questionable activity will be brought to attention, and anyone acting abusively will be removed from the premises with immediate effect.


Before tipping the dealer or waitress at the casino, keep in mind the country you are gambling in. Just like countries having different laws regarding gambling, their regulations regarding tipping the staff also varies. For example, Australia has a ban on any kind of tips given to its employees by players. However, in most European and Asian countries and all American states, tips are expected. In fact, it is considered rude not to tip their dealer or waiter. This is because dealers, waiters, valets, housekeeping etc., in American casinos are not given anything over minimum wage, leaving tips the only way for them to make a decent living.

Check the Gambling / Drinking Age

The gambling and drinking age in a country also changes from country to country. Be aware of this before travelling to a foreign country to not land yourself in legal trouble overseas. As mentioned earlier, casino hotels have tight security, and they are very observant in these kinds of issues. The legal age for drinking in the US is 21, although every state individually determines their own minimum age when it comes to gambling. In some states, the age is 18, though it is 21 to match the drinking age in most parts of the USA. In Canada, the minimum age is 19 to enter a casino, although, in Australia, the UK and most parts of Europe, the minimum age is 18. This does not mean that you cannot stay at the hotel if you are underage or travelling with children. However, the children will not be permitted in the gaming areas will not be allowed to drink.

An Attraction in Their Own Right

Most casinos are also Entertainment Complexes, having a range of trendy nightclubs, bars and restaurants, as well as theatres and resort amenities such as swimming pools and water parks on site. For example, Crown Casino Melbourne brings in more visitors to Australia every year than the iconic Sydney Opera House. With almost eleven million visitors, the Opera House’s 8.2 million does not even come close.

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